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For any concerns that may jeopardize your vehicle's on-road performance, our experienced auto specialists offer a variety of additional automotive services. Rest assured that you are receiving top-notch workmanship, backed by our quality guarantee. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we can be of service to you! Contact us at 913-250-5288 to arrange an appointment for these premium automotive services.

Our miscellaneous auto services include:

After-Hours Drop Off
Occasionally, the need for auto repairs arises long after most repair shops have closed. Our after-hours vehicle drop-off services enable you to leave your car at our Lansing facility for repairs, even when we're not operating. Simply complete a drop-off form, place your keys inside, and deposit the envelope in our secure drop box.

We will reach out to you once your vehicle is ready or if any additional information is required. At Platinum Automotive LLC, we highly value your convenience, which is why we extend after-hours drop-off services.

Fleet Maintenance and Repair
As a fleet owner, maintaining the roadworthiness of your fleet is very important. When a vehicle within your fleet is out of commission, it not only affects your business's profitability but also jeopardizes your reputation for reliability. To ensure that your fleet of trucks/vehicles remains operational at all times, it's crucial to collaborate with a professional auto repair shop.

We are well-equipped to manage your fleet's repair and maintenance requirements. We ensure that your servicing is in line with both the latest standards and the stipulated schedules. Our expert team takes on the complete spectrum of fleet repairs and maintenance.

Free Local Shuttle Service (Leavenworth/Lansing area) with Repairs By Appointment
When you drop your car at our garage for repair and servicing, you don't always have the time to wait until we've finished servicing your car. To get your busy life going on, we offer free local shuttle services within the Leavenworth/Lansing area. At Platinum Automotive LLC in Lansing, KS 66043, we offer free local shuttle services to our customers. This service allows you to conveniently go back to your day's routine as we work on your vehicle - you don't have to wait at the shop. This service is by appointment.

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Are you planning to buy a new car? Don't take chances. Be confident about the car you are buying. Have pre-purchase inspections performed on the vehicle. Pre-purchase inspections involve examining the car's condition to ensure it is worth buying. At Platinum Automotive LLC, we have pre-purchase inspection experts - mechanics who will scrutinize any car, make, and model and allow you to make an informed decision. Pre-purchase inspections will definitely give you peace of mind when you buy your next used car.

Pre-Trip Inspection
The importance of a pre-trip inspection cannot be overstated, as it can be the decisive factor between a safe journey and one that ends in disaster. This inspection aims to identify potential defects and mechanical issues that might lead to accidents or breakdowns. Before embarking on your trip, it is essential to ensure that your vehicle undergoes a comprehensive safety inspection. Feel free to drop by or give us a call at 913-250-5288.

To learn more about our services, call us at 913-250-5288 or request a quote by clicking below:

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Miscellaneous Services

Yesterday afternoon I called Platinum seeking a referral on a possible windshield repair. "Nate" readily answered the call, had the necessary information at his immediate disposal, and generally inquired as to the well-being of both myself as well as my vehicle. Thankfully my need for this referral was not directly related to more recent (and very severe) weather/road conditions in the Greater Kansas City area. I was impressed that the representative appreciated the aforementioned possibility, as it was a very real one. I am without doubt that he would have shown even more empathy had my situation, all things considered, been more dire. Have been a loyal customer going on four years now and would highly recommend.

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